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You are viewing a project that is currently in draft state for the opensource working group in the Green Software Foundation. This project should not be considered finished or officially supported in any way by the Green Software Foundation or it's members.

SCI Open Data


SCI = (E * I) + M per R

This Open Data project will provide all the necessary data sources that can be used as inputs for the SCI standard. Although there may be more accurate data sources available, this project aims to create a baseline set of data to be used when more accurate data isn’t available. The following data sets will be published:

  • (E) - Energy consumption (kilowatt hours) for different components of the software boundary over a given time period. Examples:
    • CPU/GPUs at different percentages of utilisation
    • Data storage
    • Memory allocation
    • Data transferred over a network
  • (I) - Emissions factors. These may be regional yearly averages to begin with, but should ideally be marginal, and more granular than that.
  • (M) - Embodied emissions data for servers, mobile devices and laptops


Core Team

Navveen BalaniCo-Lead@Accenture
Doha FernandezPM@GSF